Clubbercise with Michelle

25th Jan/22nd Feb/21st Mar

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21st Jan/18th Feb/ 17th Mar

Intention Setting Yoga Nidra

11th January at 7pm

Mirjam's Masterclass Weekend

13th-14th January

Beyond Resolutions - Your Year of Purpose

14th January

The Art of Chakra Awakening

5th February

Awaken your inner vitality - Chi Gung Bliss

10th February

Heart Opening/

Compassion based Yoga

15th February

Harmonise Your Energy - Reiki for Wellbeing

25th February

Chi Meridian Workshops in Yin Yoga

11th Feb/ 10th Mar

Menopause Magic - Reclaim Your Vitality

18th March

Spring/New Beginning Yoga and Meditation

28th March

Hidden Causes of a Busy Mind

30th March

Champneys Walking Guides

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Dog Friendly Weekend Walks

Foot & Gait Scan Analysis

Specialist Therapies on Zoom

Meet Your Club Manager